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About UsAccelerate Physical Therapy provides the highest quality of rehabilitation services in a one-on-one setting with a licensed physical therapist.  Unlike larger or corporate-owned clinics, all rehabilitation takes place with a licensed therapist, rather than with physical therapy assistants or physical therapy aides.  This standard allows for more thorough evaluation and treatment techniques.  Ultimately, this method of physical therapy allows for more rapid recovery due to the greater amount of time that is afforded to each patient and the more in-depth evaluation process that is performed.


billBill Steinberger, M.S., P.T., C.S.C.S. has been in practice as a licensed physical therapist since 1996.  He graduated with distinction from C.U. Boulder with a B.S. in Kinesiology in 1993 before attending Regis University, where he graduated with a Master’s of Science Degree in Physical Therapy.

Bill has worked in out-patient orthopedics his entire career, originally as a staff physical therapist at Accelerate Physical Therapy in Arvada, Colorado.  After several years, he became a partner in that practice while continuing to hone his craft.  Bill’s clinical training and continuing education has focused on manual and exercise-based therapies for numerous orthopedic conditions as well as orthotic fabrication.  He has augmented his exercise background as a certified strength and conditioning specialist, as well as a personal trainer, utilizing both land-based and aquatic settings.

In 2003, after seven years of clinical practice, Bill decided to fulfill a long-standing dream of opening his own practice.  He moved back to his roots in Thornton, Colorado and opened an independently-owned satellite office of Accelerate Physical Therapy.  Since that time, Bill has worked diligently to foster relationships with referring physicians, patients and the community, growing his practice each year while maintaining his high standard of care.  This has allowed him to earn the unquestioned trust of his patients and referral sources.

He actively supports the local school district and its academic and athletic programs. He lives within the community and has a vested interest in its educational and extra curricular success.

Bill is an exercise enthusiast and an avid weightlifter. He lives by the motto, “Exercise is Medicine”, finding it important to inspire people to change their habits, bodies and health by taking charge of their lives and becoming more active. He will continue to dedicate himself to rebuilding the lives of athletes, weekend warriors, accident victims and our community’s seniors that are suffering from pain and debilitating injuries.

Contact Bill today to see how he can help you reach your full potential and overcome the obstacles that stand in your way.