Accelerate Physical Therapy


Nene’s ACL

The fortunate news just came in that Nene’s injury last night does not reveal an ACL tear, as originally feared.  Freak accidents happen all the time, but many injuries can be prevented to a certain extent with preventative exercises.  Stabilization, proprioceptive and strengthening exercises can all help to reduce the risk of injury.  Our website has several […]

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NFL Draft

Josh McDaniels, if you are out there, please avoid Tim Tebow like the plague!  You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  His release point is terrible, despite his recent efforts with numerous quarterback coaches.  In the face of pressure, he will resort to his old ways and elongate his throwing motion and drop his […]

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New Website now official!

Hopefully all the prior kinks in the website have been worked out.  All links to prior newsletters are now up and running, as are all the posted exercise videos.

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New Website launched

Minus some glitches that we’re still working out the new website is posted and live.  Please let us know if you have any questions, issues, or would like to see anything additional on the site. Newsletters Fall 2004 Newsletter.pdf Fall 2005 Newsletter.pdf Winter 2005(Jan) Newsletter.pdf Fall 2006 Newsletter.pdf Spring 2006 Newsletter.pdf

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