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How Flat Feet can Impact the Body

Pes Planus, otherwise known as fallen arches…or flat feet, is a medical condition that occurs when the arch of the feet flatten, or collapse. When this happens, the sole of the foot will often be making complete (or nearly complete) contact with the floor in an unnatural manner. With a healthy foot, the arch prevents […]

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The Importance of Big Toe Mobility and How to Increase It

When it comes to our toes, they are often neglected compared to other body parts. However, the big toe in particular, otherwise known as the great toe, plays a more significant role in our daily lives than you might think. All of our toes are far more useful than applying polish and gripping flip flops. […]

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The Benefits of Pull Ups and the Proper Technique

When it comes to building upper body strength, pull ups might be one of the top exercises to consider. Don’t be fooled though, if others make it look easy. They are a difficult exercise to perform, especially in the beginning. In fact, at first, you might not even be able to do one proper pull […]

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