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How to do a Safe and Effective Deadlift

You have probably seen a deadlift performed either in the gym or in physical therapy, as men and women with huge muscles lift an enormous amount of weight up to their hips. However, it’s not just for competition or show…or even just for people with massive arms and legs. It’s a popular exercise to build […]

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Swiss Ball Bridged Hamstring Curls for Optimum Strength

When it comes to strengthening the hamstring, the Swiss ball bridged hamstring curl (SBBHC) is definitely a challenging exercise to effectively work at targeting the hamstring muscle. This muscle is found in the back of your thigh. With this exercise, it utilizes your own body weight, making it adaptable for everyone. Perhaps the biggest challenge […]

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Side Planks to Strengthen the Obliques

Planks are an exercise commonly known for strengthening the core muscle group, as well as helping to improve posture and diminish back pain. It’s a great exercise that is often used by physical therapists and trainers to help people gain back their strength and overall health after an injury, or before starting a sports season. […]

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How Planks can Improve Your Core Strength

If you are looking to strengthen your core, then you may want to consider planks. Or, perhaps your physical therapist or trainer may have mentioned them, and you want to know what you will be getting yourself into with this form of exercise. Often incorporated into yoga and Pilates, planks are a great option for […]

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