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Executing a Proper Bent Over Dumbbell Row for Optimum Results

Quite often people who work at developing their bodies with strength in mind will opt to focus on their backside first. The reason for this is primarily due to an abundance of back issues flowing through the human race, most likely as a result of a sedentary lifestyle, with the plethora of “desk jobs” now […]

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Performing a Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

If you have been asked to do single leg Romanian deadlifts (SLRD), but are not sure how they would benefit you or even how to do them properly, this article will give you the basics to make sure you can perform them safely and effectively. The SLRD is one exercise that works both as an […]

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7 Tips away from the Perfect Squat

Without a doubt, one of the more effective exercises to build strength for the lower body is the squat. There are variations to the squat, such as the Swiss Ball Squat or Split Squat. But, for this article, we will focus on the traditional squat. The squat targets the major muscles in the lower body […]

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Swiss Ball Squats for Beginners or Early Stages of Rehabilitation

If you are looking to strengthen your legs, in particular your quads, hamstrings, and gluts, squats are always a great option to consider. They are often thought of as the king of exercises when it comes to the leg. It’s a great way to build the leg muscles, as well as the lower back and […]

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