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Helpful Exercises for Patients with Scoliosis

While scoliosis affects a relatively small percentage of the population, it tends to be a significant problem for those who suffer with it. About 2% of the US population will be diagnosed with it at some point, but it’s more common in younger girls. However, boys and adults are not immune to it either. What […]

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Benefits of Utilizing an Exercise Ball for Core Strength

If you spend any time in a gym or have been in physical therapy, you might have noticed…or perhaps even used a large plastic exercise ball. While it might look like an object meant for play, it is not. Exercise balls are playing a significant role in workouts and therapy routines. In addition to many […]

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Plyometric Training to Improve Explosive Strength

Have you found yourself at the gym or physical therapy center and wondered why someone is jumping around, up and down on steps or boxes, tossing about large exercise balls? What you were watching is something called plyometric training. They are doing these moves to increase their strength and power, as well as mobility. Just […]

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The Pros and Cons of Aquatic Exercising

Pools have provided several hours of fun for many people over the years. But, they also provide a healthy atmosphere for exercising and therapy for those who want to get or stay in shape. Structured water aerobics are available in community pools in most areas or, you can also take advantage of your own pool…or, […]

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Exercise Intervention to Help Patients with Sciatica

If you have suffered with sciatica, then you are probably well aware of how debilitating it can be at times. Sharp shooting pains that develops in your lower back, can soon lead to it shooting right down the buttock area and leg, if it gets bad enough. Left untreated, you can also develop numbness. It’s […]

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