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Core Muscle Activation and the Golf Swing

It’s not uncommon to hear about injuries in various sporting events such as football, hockey, or any full-on contact sport. But, injury often occurs in non-contact sports as well, such as golf. The reason is because all movement requires the use of muscle and tendons. And, if not used properly, a long-term injury can result […]

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Eccentric Strength Training to Help with Tendonitis

Anyone who is physically active on a consistent basis runs the risk of developing a painful ailment called tendonitis, which is an irritation or inflammation of the tendon. This is often caused by overuse, and can create a lot of pain and misery for many people. It’s a common myth that it’s an athlete’s issue […]

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Tips for Outdoor Exercising Safely in Cold Weather Conditions

Starting an exercise routine is tough enough, but adding cold weather into the mix can make the challenge more daunting. Sure, you can go to the gym, but that can be expensive and time consuming if the gym isn’t nearby. While there are workout videos and equipment to use at home to help anyone reach […]

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The Stages and Effects of Stretching during Rehabilitation

If you have recently suffered a soft tissue injury, then you are probably going to learn a lot about stretching in the next few weeks. Stretching is a great way to prevent an injury, but also speed up rehabilitation and allow for a smoother recovery. However, not all stretching was created equal. If you are […]

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Sleep is Vital for Optimum Recovery and Athletic Performance

The importance of sleep with its connection to athletic performance and post-performance recovery is making its way to the forefront of interest for many athletes. It’s even garnering scientific study and the findings are interesting, such as a link between common sleep factors and their role in an athlete’s perception process and metabolic function. Many […]

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